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At STI Surf Travel Insurance, we understand that athletes, whether professional, amateur, or in training, lead unique lifestyles that involve constant travel and a commitment to peak performance. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, part of a team, or on a training journey, our Athlete Travel Insurance is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you can focus on what you do best – excelling in your sport.

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Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance
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Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance
Global Medical Insurance
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Why Choose Athlete
Travel Insurance Through Us?

Comprehensive Coverage

Our Athlete Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage designed to safeguard you during your travels. We recognize the distinct risks and health considerations associated with sports, providing coverage for a range of situations, from medical emergencies to trip interruptions and more.

Tailored Plans for Athletic Lifestyles

Every athlete’s journey is unique, and so are their insurance needs. As your dedicated insurance broker, we connect you with tailored plans that align with the demands of your athletic lifestyle. Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or in training, our plans are customizable to suit your requirements.

Global Network of Assistance

When you’re competing or training on an international stage, having reliable support is essential. Our role as your Athlete Travel Insurance broker is to ensure that your coverage includes access to a global network of assistance. From medical emergencies to travel-related challenges, assistance is just a call away, 24/7.

Specialized Sports Coverage

Recognizing the unique risks associated with various sports, our plans provide specialized coverage for sports-related injuries, rehabilitation, and other health considerations specific to athletes. We work with insurers who understand the intricacies of the sporting world to provide you with the best coverage.

Seamless Online Application

Securing your Athlete Travel Insurance is a seamless process through our online application platform. Our user-friendly interface ensures a quick and straightforward application, allowing you to focus on your training and competitions.

Stay Informed with Sports Health Resources

Knowledge is paramount in maintaining peak athletic performance. Our partner insurers provide a range of sports health resources, including injury prevention tips, sports nutrition guides, and other relevant updates. Stay informed and optimize your athletic journey with the guidance provided by your chosen insurance provider.

Key Benefits of Athlete Travel Insurance

Our Athlete Travel Insurance provides coverage for sports-related medical expenses, ensuring that you receive specialized care in the event of an injury or illness related to your athletic activities.
In the competitive world of sports, unexpected events can lead to tournament interruptions. Our coverage includes provisions for such interruptions, offering financial protection for the investments made in your training and participation.
From flight cancellations to unforeseen travel disruptions, our plan provides coverage to minimize the impact on your training and competition schedule, allowing you to focus on your athletic commitments.
In the event of a severe injury or illness, our plan covers emergency evacuation and repatriation, ensuring that you receive the necessary medical attention and can return to your home country for further treatment if needed.

Key Benefits of Athlete Travel Insurance

Types of Athlete Trips Covered


Coverage for athletes participating in competitive events, including tournaments, matches, and championships.


Tailored benefits for athletes on training journeys, addressing the specific risks associated with intense training sessions and camps.


Coverage for athletes engaged in amateur competitions, ensuring protection during non-professional sporting events.


Insurance for athletes involved in non-professional sporting activities, including recreational leagues and community events.



Visit our website to explore the range of Athlete Travel Insurance plans we can connect you with. Each plan is designed to offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of athletes at different levels.


Click on the Quote Button to access our partner insurers’ user-friendly online platform. Input your travel details and specific requirements, and we’ll connect you with a competitive quote tailored to your athletic lifestyle. Our specialists are also available to assist in obtaining a custom quotation.


Once you’ve selected the plan that aligns with your athletic journey, securing coverage is a straightforward process through our online application. Ensure you have the protection you need as you pursue excellence in your sport, whether you’re competing professionally, as an amateur, or during training sessions.

Elevate Your Athletic Journey with STI Surf Travel Insurance

Choose STI Surf Travel Insurance as your dedicated partner for Athlete Travel Insurance. Experience the confidence of comprehensive coverage designed for the unique demands of sports at every level. We are here to support you in your pursuit of excellence, ensuring your focus remains on achieving peak performance on the global stage, regardless of your athletic level.