Are you getting tired of crowds at your local break and dreaming of have the waves to yourself, well artificial wave technology might be your answer?

As wave pools become the next evolution of surfing. With controlled crowds and custom waves in a safe environment, might just be the change we all need. Wave pool popularity is growing in Australia as its future is evolving forward.

Wave pools offer a new era in the development of surfing. With all levels of waves to suit everybody’s level of experience, from soft beginner waves to heavy barrels and point rides for advanced surfers.

Please read the PDS to make sure the policy suits your needs


Will travel insurance cover me if, I’m injured while surfing in a wave pool. Surfing must be a covered sport or activity with your travel insurance provider to qualify for any cover while surfing. Benefits may include EVAC, medical and loss of income from injuries while surfing. There will be terms and conditions for all benefits, and you must always contact your emergency provider as soon as possible, as they can assist in arranging proper medical care.


Will Travel Insurance cover any lost, stolen or damaged to surfboards? Your policy must provide cover for surfboards to qualify for any cover. Surfboards may be covered whilst in a carrier’s care and in rental vehicles, but there will be terms and conditions to consider. It is common to have no cover for sporting equipment, whilst in use.

The standard costs for a luggage item are usually $700 less any depreciation, and up to $4,000 for total luggage costs. In other words, up to $700 per surfboard and up to $4,000 for your quiver. You can increase your luggage costs per item by Specifying the Item in your policy, usually for an extra cost and no depreciation included.

For example, with custom and expensive surfboards you can increase the cover to suit the cost to replace up to $4,000 per board by Specifying the Item and paying extra cost.

There may be requirements on the owner to get reports from police or carriers to substantiate your claim, as terms and conditions will apply.


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