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Over the last few years We have been working, with our Surfing operators in Indonesia's archipelago,to develop EVAC plans specifically for our Affiliate customers.

We are proud to announce a comprehensive EVAC plan that was designed by surfers for serious medical emergencies around Indonesia. Due to the remote locations our surfers evacuation procedures have been pre-planned for a rapid response, from placing the emergency to mobilising a procedure suitable for the emergency situation.

During 2014 STI Surf Travel Insurance mobilised Serious Incident Emergency Evacuation Procedure (SIEEP) for Sumatra's surrounding Islands, surf resorts and surf boat charters, with evacuation plans for the Mentawai Islands, Nias and Telo Islands in place. During the 2015 season we also created evacuation plans for The Maldives, Banyak Islands, Bali, Fiji and South Pacific Islands.

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