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Sports and Leisure Equipment Cover

STI now has an endorsement from SureSave that acknowledges cover for your surfboards.

  • Therefore, standard cover (as defined on page 84) is now provided for surfboards at no additional premium, up to the standard item limit of $700 per item, and cover is on a depreciation basis.
  • Higher limits for surfboards can still be purchased under the New for Old Luggage Option, up to a maximum item limit of $4,000, by specifying the item and paying the additional premium quoted. Cover is then on a replacement cost basis, per the terms and conditions of this option.
  • Cover is still excluded for surfboards in use, as stated in the paragraph "The 'in use' rule" on page 20 of the PDS.
  •  All other policy terms and conditions continue to apply.

If you are travelling with expensive sports or leisure equipment that you want covered, you may need to nominate them as specified items at the time you buy your policy, and pay the additional premium for it. Limits may apply.

A standard policy covers the depreciated value of individual items of luggage up to the item limits outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement brochure (PDS).

Jewellery – there is a $2,000 trip limit for all claims for jewellery on your policy. You cannot add New for Old cover for jewellery.

Ski or snowboarding equipment may be covered differently when you add the Winter Sports Option.

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