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Surf Travel Insurance for Mentawai Daze Surf Charters - Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands - Sumatra

On and Off the Water

Australian Surfers

Mentawai Daze Surf Charters has partnered up with STI Surf Travel Insurance to provide their Australian surfing customers specific surf travel insurance and the ability to purchase surf travel insurance online or simply email STI to assist with your enquiries.

STI Surf Travel Insurance provide a comprehensive medical evacuation plan for serious medical emergencies, the Serious Incident Emergency Evacuation Procedure (SIEEP). This plan was created through a collaborative effort between STI, Mentawai Daze and a number of other surf charter operators and was released in 2013. Providing pre-planned evacuation procedures for the remote locations D’Bora Surf Charters and Indo Satu Surf Charters frequent.

Our exclusive arrangement with Mentawai Daze provides you with direct contact with our specialist consultants for individual’s, family and groups comprehensive cover solutions. We can customise the travel insurance policies to suit all travel needs, for Mentawai Daze Surf Charters adventures. If you’re travelling as a family, you can add your dependent children to your travel policy for no additional cost!

As surfers at STI, we understand the importance of comprehensive cover while surfing plus worldwide EVAC plans for emergency assistance 24/7 including cover for your accompanying surfboards. Talk to our surf travel insurance specialists today, to assist and customise your travel insurance cover.

Apply now for Surf Travel Insurance and receive 10% off.

Surf Travel Insurance Quote Here

It is recommended to take out travel insurance when you pay your deposit, as this will ensure that you are covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise before your trip.

Why Surf Travel Insurance?

At Surf Travel Insurance, our customer’s health and wellbeing On and Off the Water has always been the core of our business.

In 2013, STI Surf Travel Insurance mobilised (SIEEP) a Serious Incident Emergency Evacuation Procedure with Speciality Assist and WE Assist emergency services to provide a comprehensive medical evacuation plans for serious medical emergencies.

  • STI collaborates with leading surf charter operators, resorts and surf camps.
  • We co-ordinate with insurance emergency services to develop pre-planned EVAC procedures for surfers in remote surfing destinations.
  • Including comprehensive medical evacuation plan for serious medical emergencies around the Mentawai’s, Telo, Sumatra, Banyaks, Nias, Bali, Maldives, and Fiji Islands for surf charters and resorts.

Surf Travel Insurance provides specific surf, snow and adventure travel insurance cover for international and domestic trips. Contact with our specialist consultants today for individual’s, family and groups - comprehensive travel cover solutions for adventure travel. 

How it works

Get a quote for your trip in three easy steps:

1. Get a quote

To get a quote you’ll go to the SureSave travel site from Surf Travel Insurance website. Simply add your destinations, travel dates and age of travellers OR request a quote with our qualified surf travel insurance specialists

2. Additional options

Customise with the option to upgrade your cover. Increase cover for extra cancellation costs, snow, new for old option (including surfboards and expensive equipment), rental vehicle insurance excess and excess buy out option available

3. Accept the quote

Pay online and you’ll receive, via email, your Certificate of Insurance with your policy number and cover details. STI will also send, via email, your Surfboard Endorsement form, Motor bike riding guidelines, our Surfboard Valuation Form and any relevant information suitable to your trip

Apply now for Surf Travel Insurance and receive 10% off.

Surf Travel Insurance Quote Here

Don’t forget to take a copy of your Certificate of Insurance with you. It includes your policy number and contact details if you need assistance.

Managing your quote

Once you have requested your custom quote it’s easy to manage, simply click on the “Buy Now” button on the emailed quote to perform any of these tasks:

  • Customise journey details - Add extra destinations, change travel dates and add travel companion
  • Customise Comprehensive Travel Plan – Options include: Increase Cancellation costs, add snow cover, increased luggage cover, rental vehicle excess and Excess buy out
  • Customise Budget Travel Plan - Options include: Increase Cancellation costs, increased luggage cover and Excess buy out
  • Not ready to buy yet, no problems– Click to “Print Quote” or Click “Save and Email Quote” button
  • Ready to buy now – Simply Click on “Continue Quote” button
  • Click “Ok” to the Terms and Conditions
  • Add travellers contact and personal details
  • Payment by Credit Card

Additional options

You’ll have the option of purchasing specialised cover for your trip by upgrading to one of the additional optional packs – Increase Cancellation costs, increased luggage cover, add snow cover, rental vehicle excess and Excess buy out

Extra Cancellation Option

You can select the maximum amount of cover – trip limit - required for cancellation related expenses, and we’ll let you know what the additional premium is. The standard trip limit for cancellation related expenses is $5,000. 'Cancellation related expenses' means the following claimable expense types; 

  • Cancellation costs – relating to events that occur before your trip starts and on your trip;
  • Rearrangement costs – relating only to events that occur before your trip starts; and
  • Unused Tourist Visa costs – relating only to events that occur before your trip starts.

New for Old Luggage Option

Standard luggage cover is provided with any policy, whereas New for Old Luggage cover only applies if you add specified items under our New for Old Luggage Option when buying the policy. With our standard cover, your luggage and personal items are covered for their depreciated value if they are stolen, lost or damaged.

  • Free Surfboard Endorsement adds standard cover (as defined on page 84) is now provided for surfboards at no additional premium, up to the standard item limit of $700 per item, and cover is on a depreciation basis.
  • Higher limits for surfboards can still be purchased under the New for Old Luggage Option, up to a maximum item limit of $4,000, by specifying the item and paying the additional premium quoted. Cover is then on a replacement cost basis, per the terms and conditions of this option.

Winter Sports

If you plan on taking part in winter sports on your trip, add this option. Travellers who have purchased the Winter Sports Option will also have cover under other events that would normally be excluded if they occurred while participating in a winter sport:

  • All medical events in the 'You need medical help' events section
  • Luggage events
  • Your passport or other travel documents are lost, damaged or stolen
  • Your credit cards are lost or stolen, or your cash is stolen
  • You are being sued (personal liability)

Rental Vehicle Excess Option

The standard trip limit for Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess is $5,000.

  • When you rent a vehicle on your trip, the insurance excess on that vehicle is often thousands of dollars. But with SureSave (for all but our Basic plan), our standard cover includes a trip limit of $5,000 to cover any rental vehicle insurance excess you have to pay (plus any related rental company administration charges).
  • If you plan on renting a vehicle, you should check out how much insurance excess you’d have to pay if the rental vehicle is in an accident, damaged or stolen. If the insurance excess is more than $5,000, you can choose to increase your cover under this policy for an additional premium.

Excess Buy-out Option

Allows travellers to reduce the standard excess on their policy to $0.

  • Our standard cover includes an excess, which is your contribution towards your out-of-pocket expenses when you make a claim, and it’s shown on your COI. If you claim under an event where an excess applies, we deduct the excess amount from what we pay.
  • If you prefer not to pay an excess for claims made under our single trip international Comprehensive and Basic plans, you can choose to reduce your excess to nil by selecting this option at the time you buy your policy. We’ll let you know what the additional premium is when you do this. Remember – you can’t buy out any additional excess that applies if you add a specified medical condition (see above). Any excess payable by you will be shown on your COI.

Managing your policy

Once you have purchased your policy it’s easy to manage, simply click on the “Take me there” button to perform any of these tasks:

  • Download your Certificate of Insurance
  • Change your journey details
  • Increase your cover
  • Update your contact information
  • Cancel your policy.

Have your policy number and mobile handy, you’ll need these to log on.

Take me there

Emergency Assistance 24/7 Worldwide

Emergency Help

WE Assist are here to help

WE Assist help with medical problems, locating medical facilities, your evacuation home, coordination with embassies and keeping you in touch with your family. WE Assist is the Australian based Emergency Call Centre for SureSave policy holders when travelling worldwide and domestically.
For 24hr worldwide emergency assistance call: +61 2 92343113 or +61 2 82561513

How to claim

While you’re overseas

Medical, hospital and dental claims

  • For medical, hospital or dental claims contact SureSave World Assistance as soon as practically possible. Call +61 2 9234 3113 or +61 2 8256 1513 (reverse charge from overseas) or 1300 787 376 (within Australia) at any time.

Report lost, stolen or damaged belongings

  • Report the loss or theft of your luggage and personal effects to the local police immediately.
  • Report damage or misplacement of your luggage and personal effects, caused by the airline or any other operator or accommodation provider, to an appropriate official.
  • Ensure you obtain a copy of the official report to support your claim (including any offer of settlement made to you).
  • Please refer to the SureSave Product Disclosure Statement Documents for more information about what you need to do to make a claim.

When you get home

  • Your travel insurance claim may require different supporting documentation (e.g. medical reports, invoices, purchase receipts, and/or police reports)
  • To make a travel insurance claim, visit www.suresave.com.au/make-a-claim or call on 1300 787 376 or +61 2 9234 3113 or +61 2 8256 1513
  • Remember you must submit full details of your claim within 30 days of your return home.

Need help

For 24hr worldwide emergency assistance call: +61 2 9234 3113 or +61 2 8256 1513.

We'll accept a reverse charge call or you can claim the costs to call our emergency assistance team. Reverse charges calls can be made in most countries by contacting the international operator, however, there may be restrictions when using mobiles. If you aren't sure then ask your hotel reception to connect you. Here are some of the Telstra reverse charges  numbers for some carriers overseas. 

When calling please be ready to give us some details:

Your name
Your policy number
The nature of your emergency
The phone number of where you are
The names and contact details of any hospitals or doctors you have visited
Emergency Assistance by telephone is usually the best way to let us help you. But in the event, that this doesn't meet your needs there are other ways to get in touch.  

E help@suresave.com.au or SMS +61 417 342 076

Before buying this product, please read the PDS to ensure the product is right for you. Any advice in this document is of a general nature only and has not considered your objectives, financial situation or needs. You understand that the travel insurance contract is between you and SureSave. If having purchased the policy, you want to return it you can do so within 14 days of receiving the Certificate of Insurance and obtain a full refund provided no claim has been made and your trip has not commenced.
SureSave Pty Limited ABN 82 137 885 262 AR 339902 is an Authorised Representative of Cerberus Special Risks Pty Limited ABN 81 115 932 173, AFS Licence No 308461 (Cerberus). This insurance is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's

Global Surfers
Mentawai Daze Surf Charters has partnered up with Surfing Travel Insurance to provide their Global surfing customers specific surfing travel insurance. Surfing Travel Insurance provides Standard or Explorer Travel Insurance Plans online from World Nomads to surfers from over 140 countries, who are planning an international surf trip or have already left.

Although we cover over 140 countries, residents of the USA, UK, Europe, Brazil, Hawaii and New Zealand to name a few, have purchased these policies. You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you've left home. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. Surfing Travel Insurance. Simple and Flexible Online Quote Here